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Promoting, Recruiting & Retaining

Articles or Materials Gathered or Created by

Revitalization Sub Committee
## The Live Lively Group ##
General Marketing/ Advertising

* A Modern Marketing Logo/Slogo

*Summary of Committee Query to Clubs and Others

Social Media

*Using Social Media to Build Awareness by Brian Elmer

*Using Social Media to Get Your Message Out

*Facebook Primer by Scot Byars

*Northern Twisters Facebook 101 by Bill Cocker

Other Media

*Informal Look at Writing Press Releases  by Brian Elmer

*Writing for Local Newspapers

*Poster Placement Chart
Recruiting & Retaining

*164 Ways to Find and Retain New Dancers - by Jim Langdon

*Recruiting, Teaching & Retaining

*Music Sources for Callers


*Intro to Today's Square Dancing #1

*Intro to Today's Square Dancing #2

*Square Dancers Are

Editable Posters

& Brochures

Here are some poster and brochure ideas for you.  You are welcome to edit them to fit your  dance situation. 

All of the people in the photos, as well as the photographers, have given permission for the use of these materials in a way that promotes square dancing.   Thanks, Folks !    

* Group Hug - Cyberspace Caption

* Group Hug - Social Network Caption
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

*Group Hug - Life Getting You Down
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

*Group Hug - You'll Be Surprised
(Thanks to Marianne Hall & Tami Hall - BC)

*Today's Square D'g - Leg Silhouettes
(Thanks to Marianne Hall & Tami Hall - BC)

* Prairie Skirt Square Dance Poster
(Thanks to Claudia Littlefair- Alberta)

* Family Fun Dance Poster
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

* Did You Know?
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

* A Great Dance Experience
(Blue Colour)
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

* A Great Dance Experience
(Orange Colour)
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

*Prescription for Better Health
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)


* Group Hug Square Dance
   Trifold Brochure (Thanks to Marianne Hall & Tami Hall - BC)
    Page 1 for British Columbia

    Page 1 for All

    Page 2 for All

Photos / Memes to Link To

Fitness the Easy Way

Worries Drift Away

Social Networking Done Right