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Promoting, Recruiting & Retaining

Articles or Materials Gathered or Created for

British Columbia Square and Round Dance Federation

General Marketing/ Advertising

* A Modern Marketing Logo/Slogo

*Summary of Committee Query to Clubs and Others

Social Media

*Using Social Media to Build Awareness by Brian Elmer

*Using Social Media to Get Your Message Out

*Facebook Primer by Scot Byars

*Northern Twisters Facebook 101 by Bill Cocker

Other Media

*Informal Look at Writing Press Releases  by Brian Elmer

*Writing for Local Newspapers

*Poster Placement Chart
Recruiting & Retaining

*164 Ways to Find and Retain New Dancers - by Jim Langdon

*Recruiting, Teaching & Retaining

*Editable Certificate #1

*Editable Certificate #2
Music and/or Instructional Materials

*Music Sources for Callers

* Moving and Grooving - a  Dance Program for Teachers and Community Leaders

*ABC Square Dancing Caller School

1-Curriculum (for the instructors)

2-ABC Caller Information Package(for the students


Social Square Dance Fun (SSD)

*Intro to Today's Square Dancing #1

*Intro to Today's Square Dancing #2

*Square Dancers Are

Callers' Corner

Collection of Articles for Newer Callers

These handouts were compiled by square dance leaders, Nick Turner and Lyle O'Hara for use at a Callers' Workshop held in Williams Lake, B.C.-July 2023

Many thanks to the original authors of the documents included.

Nick Turner's Handout

Lyle O'Hara's Handout
Because it is a collection of scans, it will take a bit of
time to load.  Be patient.


Below is a link to a transcript of an interview that was recorded in 1961 between the legendary Ed Gilmore and the then President of the New South Wales Square Dance Society, Jack Lubby.

 Jack stated that this interview had a profound influence on his career and that  many prominent people in the square dance activity that have heard the tape have commented that it should be made mandatory listening for all callers and dancers.

Even though it was recorded so many years ago, the subject matter discussed regarding clubs and callers will always remain current. If you are listening to this tape for the first or 21 st time, I’m sure, like him, you will get a great deal from it.

The transcript and the audio of the interview can be found at

SSD Teaching Guides for New and Newer Callers

I have completed writing 2 SSD documents.  They are Teaching Guides for  New and Newer Callers who want to use the Social Square Dance Program. (SSD)

The teaching guides are aimed at new and newer callers wanting to learn how to teach SSD.    They are not aimed at teaching new callers to call.

One document is  called
"Teaching the Social Square Dancing Program Using 12 Weeks.

One document is  called
"Teaching the Social Square Dancing Program Using 21 Weeks.

I know you will be asking, “Why 21 weeks when the whole purpose of SSD is to teach the Program in 12 weeks?”

Well, experience has taught us that not all dance classes are alike.  Some will progress very quickly through the lessons with no difficulty and some will progress at a more sedate rate. This second  
group will need, and want, a program with less pressure and more review before moving on.   Making  a 21 week program available, as well as a 12 week program, gives the newer caller some flexibility and assistance in running his/her teaching program for such varied classes.

The hope is that new and newer callers will be able to start their own SSD groups or clubs and use either of these documents to teach without fear!

Each document has seven Tips for each of the Lessons (12 or 21) and each Tip has a “bare bones” Singing Call Opener,  Break, Closer and Figure that will fit most singing calls:

Each Tip has several Teaching Routines for each call to be taught in the Tip.

If you have questions or comments, email me:

Both documents may be freely downloaded.  See the links below.

Nick Turner

Editable Posters

& Brochures

Here are some poster and brochure ideas for you.  You are welcome to edit them to fit your  dance situation. 

All of the people in the photos, as well as the photographers, have given permission for the use of these materials in a way that promotes square dancing.   Thanks, Folks !    

* Group Hug - Cyberspace Caption

* Group Hug - Social Network Caption
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

*Group Hug - Life Getting You Down
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

*Group Hug - You'll Be Surprised
(Thanks to Marianne Hall & Tami Hall - BC)

*Today's Square D'g - Leg Silhouettes
(Thanks to Marianne Hall & Tami Hall - BC)

* Prairie Skirt Square Dance Poster
(Thanks to Claudia Littlefair- Alberta)

* Family Fun Dance Poster
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

* Did You Know?
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

* A Great Dance Experience
(Blue Colour)
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

* A Great Dance Experience
(Orange Colour)
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

*Prescription for Better Health
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

All in One Place
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

Walks of Life
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

Days Like This
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

Christmas Square Dance Coupon
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

Square Dance Awareness
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

See column to the right for more posters .........

* Group Hug Square Dance
   Trifold Brochure (Thanks to Marianne Hall & Tami Hall - BC)
    Page 1 for British Columbia

    Page 1 for All

    Page 2 for All

Photos / Memes to Link To

Fitness the Easy Way

Worries Drift Away

Social Networking Done Right

More Posters

Social Square Dancing for Beginners
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

Do Something Fun Together
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

OMG That Looks Like Fun
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

I'll Go if You Will
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

Time for Fun
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

In it For the Fun
(Courtesy of M. Turner -  BC)

More Time for Fun
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

Feeling Blue
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

She Talked Me Into It
(Courtesy of M. Turner - BC)

Tired of Treadmills
(Courtesy of M. Turner -  BC)

(Courtesy of M. Turner -  BC)

Fun and Fitness Come Together When People Learn to Dance

Check out the Moving and Grooving Dance Program - A User Friendly Dance Program for Teachers and Community Group Leaders who want to get children and adults dancing again.